IVY Grip Tape 3 m | Fix Everything and Anything

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When we talk about using tapes the adhesion it offers is always a hustle. The basic tapes do not offer much of adhesion and the grip is not the strong. It’s very weak and can’t withhold heavy materials. After mixing creativity with utility we got you these amazing ivy grip tapes. They offer a great thickness to you and a very good adhesive property. You can stick anything and everything wherever you want without any issues. The most amazing thing about it is that these are re-usable. Once you have used the tape, you do not need to throw it away. You can wash it and use it for sticking things elsewhere. Isn’t that amazing? Now, make organizing things hustle free with these quirky ivy grip tapes!



This Nano Magic Tape can be used wherever you want! Never make any holes in your wall !!This may be the BEST tape you’ve used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability! Nano Magic Tape can be fully used in various ways which adopt nanotechnology. It is more convenient than the traditional ways to attach things on the wall and floor. Besides, This Nano Magic Tape can be washed many times so that it can be reused.


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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 cm