Nano Gel Pad

499.00 125.00

Specifically designed to grip where nothing else can, our gripping gel pad integrated the Nano adhesive technology to holds anything firmly in place. Strong, durable, malleable, and extremely versatile in their uses. Not only sticks all your items, but also all irregular shapes such as hiding keys and organizing cables. More fun waiting for you to discover with the Nano Gel Gripping Pad!


  • Ultra-Strong Grips:
    Integrated nano adhesive technology, our gripping pad is a strong holder for mostly all surface and objects.
    Versatile Usage:
    It works perfectly on any surface includes glass, mirror, tile, wall, wood, car, furniture, and more.
  • No Traces & Residues:
    Our nano pad won’t leave a single trace or residue on your phone, furniture, and other surfaces.
  • Reusable:
    Renew the fixation effects with only a simple wash to remove dust and dirt on the nano pad. Works like brand new again!